Sunday, April 30, 2006

Heya everybody,

I want to keep talking about what we were talking about today in class...

If I were Moses, does that mean that Moses was me before I was me? Furthermore, would that mean that I was here forever prior to my actual birth etc? I think that we really can't define a thing or person solely by the set of materials which comprise it or them.

One more thing...

If we take the fifth argument farther, what form would I be? Do I resemble the form "Lisa", or do I represent the form "human"? Maybe I represent both...? Just some things to think about. Is the relation between the form of a person different from the relation of the form of an ordinary object to the actual object? If so, how?



Blogger Undercover Sheep said...

I think that this is what the "just-matter" theory is all about. It argues that an object is only defined by the atoms that make it up. The form of the object doesn't matter. According to the "just-matter" theory, you are moses. However, according to the theory, Moses isn't really Moses, because it would all go back to the big bang... I think? That is where I don't understand the theory... what's the point of believing it if it means that no objects are truly what they are...

I'm confused.

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