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At first glance this would be a very good way to go, however i just thought about the fact that cancer actually mutates genes. So by your logic, someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer is no longer the same person?? There are some forms of cancer that are written into DNA, however that is not always the case. I too, Rebecca, know very little about bio, yet(evil laugh), so if anybody else has any thoughts how we can define people, or if im completely wrong, POST!! woo this is funnnnn


Blogger Joel K said...

This is in respnse to what Derek said about DNA. Yes each of us is defined by our own DNA and our DNA strands code for somethings in our bodies like Rebecca said earlier. But if lets say a new disease is introduced into our bodies, then your are not the same person anymore because now there is a flaw in the body system that wasn't there before.
This is just my opinion on it.

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Blogger linford86 said...

Although it might seem a natural thing to say tht DNA defines who we are, the statement doesn't seem to be true. Even if who I am was determined by my DNA as you appear to be claiming, then it would still not be the case that the DNA generated the definition of me. That is, however it is that definitions come to be, definitions are not created by nucleic acids.

Additionally, your DNA does not necessarily even uniqely identify you. Although it does cause you to have certain physical features, such as blue eyes rather than brown eyes, there is a significantly large number of your properties that isn't even encoded in your DNA. For instance, no matter how long someone examined your DNA, they would never be able to tell you what you ate for lunch today or what your major at the University of Rochester is. In fact, they wouldn't even be able to tell you your name.

Also, if your DNA did determine who you are, then what would happen if you could somehow change the color of your eyes? You would have some feature about you that was determined by your DNA. If your DNA was identical to the definition of you, then you would be a totally different person if you could change the color of your eyes. Even if you just dyed your hair, you would not longer correspond to that definition. So, by definition, you would no longer be you - but that's absurd.

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