Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So people must have very complex definitions. They could encompass many, many properties. Either that, or we could define each individual based on their DNA. Doesn't each creature originate as a fertilized egg, and then their DNA chains determine which characteristics they have? So the type of person that each of us is comes down to our DNA. And no matter how many changes they go through during their lifetime, they're still the same individuals because they all have specific genes and DNA and therefore particular characteristics.
Is this a good way to classify humans or other creatures? I really don't know much Bio.


Blogger Chris Tillman said...

Suppose someone rudely made a soup out of you. A cold soup, so no chemical changes take place. The soup, presumably, would have your DNA. So something with your DNA would survive ensoupment. But would you survive? If not, then, by Leibniz's Law, you are not identical to something with such-and-such DNA.

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Blogger acceber said...

So that means we are individuals that are based on our DNA plus other properties, both physical and abstract. These could include having a body, brain, eyes, as well as a personality, being able to think for ourselves, and having a soul. However, in order to be a specific individual, it is not necessary to always have the same properties, because we change as we age.

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Blogger Undercover Sheep said...

Some argue that certain character traits are inherited. Some proof of this is similarities in separated monozygotic twins. If it is true that personality is biological, then DNA is even more connected to who we are than just "blueprints" for our bodies.

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Blogger Joel K said...

In the beginning, once conceived our DNA starts to blueprint our bodies both physically and mentally. But I have another problem. We inherit some of tour traits from our parents does that mean I am more of my parents than I am of myself. I mean my personality and body will change as I age. But am I myself or am I my parents?

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Blogger linford86 said...

If it were the case that your DNA determined everything about you, then there would be no such thing as free will. Ask yourself this: are you willing to give up the idea that you choose your actions?

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