Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To continue erics thought and bring my own question back up, how do we define ourselves?? If we had one, rigid definition, then we could never really have a clue of who we are, since we are constantly loosing and gaining molecules. last week i was Derek. This week im sick, which means that im Derek with some weird bacteria/virus thing in me, but im still Derek. You could say that the virus/bacteria was always in me but now its acting, but i would say that i eat different things every day and that also would change a rigid definition of me. To be formal and offically disagree with you, i think that the moment you an arbitrary term A, definition D, as soon as it changes, i.e. gets a bacteria, eats, etc., you need to immediately redefine it. I dont know about you, but i remember having that inifinite tasks in a finite time argument and im pretty sure u cant constantly give every object a new, rigid definition.


Blogger linford86 said...

This is only true if we require that every thing that happens to you must be included in the definition of you. This, however, does not appear to be the case - you are defined independently of whether or not you are sick.

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Blogger kipepeo said...

If we have souls, and bodies, i.e. essence and substance, and I transplanted my soul into a different body...not sure how, then would I be that other person, or would they be me. Would it be neither because we are not whole without both body and soul? I'm not certain, but I think that we are more soul than body. More like our soul is what defines us. It seems to be the thing that propels us forward and makes decisions. Kind of like our brain, but more. Plato had a few really cool conceptions of the soul. My current favorite is a soul in three parts. There is a charioteer, and two horses. One horse is base (bad), and the other is good. The charioteer is the one that makes rational choices. The good horse will try to do anything that the charioteer wills it to do. The base horse is mostly interested in bodily affairs, and is swayed easily by carnal stuff. Supposedly, way back in the day, our souls had wings, and we could fly. When we could do that, we saw everything as it should be, like we saw the Forms and such, true beauty was ours to behold. However, because we are mortal, we fell from above when we lost our wings. Now our goal is to regrow our wings and fly back up to see the true forms and such. I know that this version of the soul has holes in it, and it preposterous at first, but it makes more sense if you think about it. Whee!!! Plato is cool!!! Let's grow wings!


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