Monday, May 01, 2006

Entropy is the Answer:
A Response to Lisa

The way nature works kind of goes like this. Take a coke bottle and open it. Once opened all the trapped air, let’s call this set A, is released into the outside air. Let’s call this outside air set B. After a few moments most of the set A in now mixed into set B. Nature follows entropy which means it flows from high order to high disorder. This is crucial to understanding that you just might be Moses. Now if we watch the coke bottle for let’s say a billion years there is a finite chance that all of set A original in the coke bottle will exist there once again. But this chance may be so small that it would take longer than a billon years. It may take longer then the time universe has been into existence. So from this you can see there is a finite chance that every exact atom that made up Moses some 3400 years ago can exist in you. But this is a very small probability. But the most important part, it is possible. Furthermore, you may have every exact atom that made up Moses but arranged in a slightly different order that makes up Lisa.

Chad F


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